About Us

Susana was born in Taiwan and lived in Guatemala as a child before landing in Canada. A sufferer of itchy feet syndrome, she’s always wanted to travel the world and is thrilled to finally be living the dream. Last known as a communications professional before embarking on our grand adventure, she’s polishing up on her photography skills and working on finding that next goal in life.

Peter is Toronto born and raised. A lover of hockey and a technophile, he currently fills his time tinkering with the Always Twirling blog and trying every new travel app on the market. Last known as a team leader at a software company, he’s working on his writing and developing business ideas as he wanders the world.

Where this all started

What makes someone wake up and decide to change their life's path? Why travel the world? Where did this all begin?

We came about our interest in travel in much different ways. For Susana, having moved around a lot as a young girl, movement of place and people was common and something she enjoyed. For Peter, it came about during a 4 month work posting in India where he worked with a software outsourcer while employed in Canada for an electronic medical record software manufacturer.

After Peter’s contract was completed, we spent time traveling around India, soaking in the excitement which is that country and reading the inspiring book Vagabonding – An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long Term World Travel┬áby Rolf Potts. The combination of these two potent ingredients was enough to make us both realize that our time was limited in life and that we could either spend it doing what we wanted or doing what we thought other people expected us to want.

So we took the leap of faith, firm in our conviction that there was more life than saving up for retirement.