A big question any traveller always has to answer in some way or another is, “How much will my trip cost”. Some people plan a detailed budget down to the penny. Others don’t plan at all and instead just go with the flow and fly home when the money runs out. We were a bit in between. We stay open to possibilities while still having a rough idea of how much we want to spend in each country/region.

To help others plan a trip, we’ve put together a number of posts detailing how much we spent by country. These posts are helpful to anyone interested in having real world budget numbers, especially for backpacking couples who enjoy the occasional splurge. While we could have travelled cheaper in some cases, we feel we get good value generally for our dollars without having to wonder if we are safe at nights or if we’re going to get deathly sick from eating the food.

Elephant Nature Park

Travel Budget: Thailand by the Numbers

$38.00 US a day gets you more than you could imagine in Thailand including an elephant nature park tour, cooking classes in Chiang Mai, a five day luxury retreat to Koh Chang, sun bathing in Phuket and more.

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Women shelling shellfish by the shore in Mui Ne, Vietnam

Travel Budget: Vietnam by the Numbers

$38.00 US per day gets you comfortably from the streets of HCMC in the south all the way north to Hanoi. You'll eat at local restaurants, have private rooms and take a great cruise around the world famous Ha Long Bay.

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Countryside in Vang Vieng, Laos

Travel Budget: Laos by the Numbers

$34.00 a day lets you live like a king. Eat incredible fish on the street of Vientiane, take hikes around Luang Prabang and laze down the river in Vang Vieng with enough budget to spare for afternoon coffee and ice cream.

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Tree taking over temple at Angkor Wat

Travel Budget: Cambodia by the Numbers

$38.00 a day lets you tour the temples of Angkor for a week, eat at fantastic restaurants in Phnom Penh and enjoy private rooms with private baths. Hire a bike in Siem Reap or rent a bike to enjoy your days at the temples at a slower pace. Life at this budget is easy and plentiful.

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Fisherman at sunset in Bali

Travel Budget: Indonesia by the Numbers

$45 a day gets you all the tours you could imagine on Bali, some luxury accommodations and lots of interesting experiences on the Java island including tours of Borobudur. Be warned that diving would drive this budget up.

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sydney opera house

Travel Budget: Australia by the Numbers

$100.00 a day gets you bus tickets up the east coast,self cooking in hostels with tours of Fraser Island, diving at the reef and a 2 night diving tour past the Whitsunday islands. Take in Melbourne, Sydney and a wine tour in Newcastle and lounge on the beaches in Byron Bay.

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The famous Merlion of Singapore

Travel Budget: Singapore by the Numbers

Singapore is the gem of South East Asia. It has wonderful food, exceptionally modern infrastructure (it has a metro from the airport straight into…

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Nighttime in Venice

Travel Budget: Italy by the Numbers

$55.00 USD a day lets you eat great food, drink great wine and still see the sights in Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples and Salento. Don't be scared off by your perception that Italy is expensive. With some flexibility, it can be relatively cheap (by Western European standards).

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Travel Budget: Colombia by the Numbers

$41.06 a day gets you hiking to the Lost city, wandering the streets of Bogota and eating delicious ajiaco soups in Medellin. You'll be amazed at what Colombia has to offer and, despite being a bit more expensive, it's some of the best value in South America and a country that's not going to remain hidden in the shadow of it's former reputation for long.

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A classic scene in venice

How To Make All-Star Destinations Affordable

Paris, London, New York, Venice!  You've seen the pictures, you've dreamt of the delights, but now that you're planning your round-the-world trip…

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Nighttime in Venice

When to visit can make just as big a difference as what you visit

A recent article in The Globe And Mail about visiting Venice during the new year celebration season is a good reminder that when you visit a place…

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