Rome Essentials

Rome Essentials

Rome is a wonderful city to visit. It’s full of incredibly important historical monuments, the vatican and some of the best eating you can imagine for surprisingly reasonable prices.

It also has its challenges of course. But those are easy to ignore given how beautiful and wonderful the place is. We spent 10 days visiting Rome and put together some notes on our favorite places to visit. A lot of this may be common to a lot of guide books but we also included our notes as well as a couple of places to grab something special to eat.

At the bottom we have listed a few notes as well as accommodation ideas that we used when we visited. If you are using foursquare and are travelling with a smart phone, you can get this list through foursquare and check them off as you do them. Click here for the list.

The List



Rome: Smile House B&B

A brand new and fantastic little B&B at a really great price. Home made deserts coupled with friendly service make this a winner. Super value. Super location. Highly recommended.

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  1. When you arrive, you can pick up a SIM card from the TIM store upstairs if you arrive at the Termini rail station. Pay 12 euro for a month of 250MB per week (unlimited really since after 250MB they just put you on the edge network until the following week starts).
  2. While the weekly pass is likely not “worth it” financially, we bought one since it saved you from having to line up for a 1 euro fare each time you wanted on the metro. I suggest you buy one.
  3. When going to the Colosseum, visit the forum first to pick up the combined tickets and avoid long times at the Colosseum.